Bulldogs Maul Lady Rattlers in Tennis Matchup

A lack of consistency on the court doomed the Lady Rattlers tennis team on Saturday as the South Carolina State Bulldogs prevailed 7-0 at the Florida A&M Tennis Complex.

The Lady Rattlers move to a 3-9 record on the season and a 3-2 record in the Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference. The Bulldogs, who won the last seven MEAC championships, continued their streak for a perfect 13-0 on the season.

Head coach Rochelle Goldthreate said SCSU performed stronger despite FAMU being prepared to play.

“We just played a better team today,” Goldthreate said. “They came out a little bit stronger. I think we were prepared. We just didn’t capitalize on what we need to do.”

Although The Lady Rattlers encountered stiff competition, Goldthreate said they still played resiliently.

“I saw the fightness in our group (sic),” Goldthreate said. “We were trying to work every point. We were trying to get to every ball; it was just we didn’t capitalize.”

Bethany Holt, junior, who has an individual record of 4-7, said consistency was an issue for her performance. She said she did not take advantage of opportunities to keep the ball in play.

“I don’t think I did very well,” said Holt. “I could’ve been a lot more consistent, got more balls on the court. As a team, we could have been more consistent. We could have had more energy and more intensity. And we need to keep the ball on the court.”

Amid the list of snags, Holt said she noticed positive flashes.

“There were good moments, but not enough good moments to match. Everyone was trying; no one gave up,” Holt said.

Britney Dean, senior, who is 5-3 in doubles play, said the Lady Rattlers had a great performance but agreed that consistency was a problem.

“I think it was a great performance,” Dean said. “I think everyone fought hard. We just have to be more consistent. Nobody gave up; everybody fought.”

The Lady Rattlers will return to the FAMU Tennis Complex Saturday, April 7, to take on MEAC rival Bethune-Cookman at 11 a.m.