What a Crêpe find



Light, crisp and unexpectedly filling describes the Greek-inspired dish called a crepe. For the past five years, The Crêpevine has been serving up this unrivaled dish the Tallahassee community has come to love and crave.

Their crepes are made with fresh local produce and simple everyday ingredients to create the triangularly folded treat. You will receive the best of both worlds: fast food with a homemade taste.

The menu is divided into three sections: breakfast, sweet and savory. It also includes two subsections of sweet bowls and salads with a wide variety of protein, veggies, fruits, cheeses, sauces, sides, toppers and other goodies.

Making a personalized crepe makes the experience that much more satisfying. Maurice Noisette, a Florida A&M architecture student, discovered the eatery by chance.

“I saw the sign and wanted a quick snack,” Noisette said. “I built my own crepe with two meats and spent the best $7-8 I’ve spent in a while.”

Nick Moody, 21, a Crêpevine patron, has no problem admitting, “I’m here almost every day around the same time. I’ve tried just about everything on the menu. The food is set at a reasonable price and it still surprises me how light and filling they are.”

The Crêpevine’s 2020 W. Pensacola St. location sells more savory crepes during the week, serving mostly college students, while the 1304 N. Monroe location sells more breakfast on the weekends, serving the family-based population of the city.

Both locations can attest that the Wobbles, Czar, and Sketch Magetch crepes are their best sellers. But sweet crepes like the Giberto, Ish and Afternoon Delight give them a run for their money.

So when you’re tired of the same old things from the 99 cent menu or praying that the eight bucks you spent at Pookie’s barbeque wasn’t a complete waste, make your way to The Crêpevine for something light, crispy and filling.

For more information, call 850-562-7373, 850-329-6754, visit www.thecrepevine.com, or follow @thecrepevine.