Politicians Should Remember Their Reason For Candidacy


     When the words politics and politicians come to mind, I immediately think of liars, traitors and instigators. Politicians are people who have the capability of swaying the opinions of others to having similar views.

     Politicians will literally sell you a dream, only if you are vulnerable enough to believe it. They are somewhat the modern day hero, believing that they can save the world and bring back a boosting economy that the nation needs.

      Out of all the political races, Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, Ron Paul and Rick Santorum performances have been the worst. This election has turned into a bickering match about who can find the worst dirt on either candidate. Although I do not support either candidate, I do know that there are certainly more important things the candidates should be concerned with than digging up each other’s personal life.

      Somewhere along the race, these candidates forgot their passion as to why they were running to be the next leader of our country. It makes you question their character, are they passionate about being president or doing it for airtime?

       Language, characterizations and accusations between Romney, who obviously is the aggressor, and Gingrich have been especially harsh. It seems that this feud will never end. With every press release, commercial and debate these candidates level of aggressiveness grows immensely. The candidates bicker on various topics anywhere from illegal immigration to the state of the country’s economy, or whether one is a social or fiscal conservative.

       After Tuesday’s big win in Illinois for former Massachusetts’ Governor Romney, he continues his dominate reign with more delegates than Santorum, Gingrich and Paul. With the Republican Primary drawing closer and closer to its halfway point, the fight for delegates is more intense. Even with Romney securing his number one spot, all the candidates have a chance of winning the nomination.

      The way the rules read will pose a challenge for winning the remaining delegates. The delegates are proportioned and this makes it harder to win them. At this point in the race any mishap of either candidate will put them at a greater risk of not gaining the delegates. There are 1,144 total delegates needed for the nomination.

      I am sure it will not be much longer before a mishap does occur with the candidates. I think they all should re-evaluate why they chose to run for this position in the first place and find ways to deliver their platform issues without slandering one another. I do not recall the 2008 election being this way.