Influx of transfer students


Florida A&M have accepted nearly 300 transfer students from community colleges around the country for upcoming semesters.
Director of FAMU’s Office of Admissions Barbara Cox said she is excited about the increase in enrollment. “For FAMU to welcome students here at this university, it varies from the time being,” said Cox, who added that transfer enrollment had dropped. “This past year, we have improved on our transfer enrollment by 13.5 percent, because students have been meeting the requirements for admission.” 

One hundred and eighty-eight transfers from Florida community colleges were accepted into FAMU. Another 98 students came from other schools nationwide.
“It was a quite experience for me, I enjoy the different horizons and wide variety of students here at Florida A&M University,” said Neffeteria Williams, a junior who transferred from a community college in Miami to FAMU in spring 2011. 
Williams said he attitude towards school is more mature than incoming freshmen. “Transfer students already have their mindset, focus, and no time for playing or games when they enter to a four year university,” said Williams. 
Most credits from other schools are transferable, and they can be applied to the program at FAMU. The university requires a 2.5 or higher GPA, 24 college credit hours, and a copy of ACT or SAT test scores before being accepted to the university.
Torrance McMillin, who transferred from Tallahassee Community College, will be studying pharmacy in summer 2012. 
Despite the requirements of admission, McMillin feels like being accepted will not be a problem. “So far, I’m on the right track to being a transfer student. I already have 12 credits and taking 12 credit hours this semester. My GPA is a 2.8, and at the end of this semester all I need to do is turn in all my documents before the deadline to be admitted,” said McMillin. “I’m very happy and excited for myself and can’t wait until the summer term starts.”
Transfer students face differences such as the size of campus, meeting new people, professors and learning new locations.
Tasha St. Pierra, who transferred to FAMU last fall as a junior, said her experience has been smooth. “Back home at my community college, I was used to being babied by my advisers when I needed help with school,” said St. Pierra, an occupational therapy student. “Here at FAMU, I had to work hard to get everything processed in my application. As an individual, you have to go to the office or ask around to seek help.”
With all the obstacles and task students face while in transition, Williams’ advice to transfer students is patience. “A lot of the advisers and administration are extremely busy and have to take care of certain amount of students at a time with their problems. That’s one thing I learn for myself and the experiences here on this campus,” she said.  
St.Pierra suggested that FAMU host campus tours for transfer students. “During my orientation, they gave me a map instead of doing a tour. Me and my family were looking lost while walking around the campus and had to ask somebody for help,” said St. Pierra.
FAMU is pursuing out other ways the university can increase the enrollment for transfer students by partnering with TCC. “I hope in the future, we as the university will have a major increase in our enrollment,” Cox said.