Virtuoso Violinist Performs at Midtown

Low lights and soothing sounds of the violin rang from the Midtown Pass Lounge on Friday, as Rachel Barton Pine played music from the past and present.

A virtuoso violinist who has been playing since age 3, was accompanied by the Tallahassee Symphony Orchestra. Although classic tunes such as Beethoven are in her vocabulary, she’s not foreign to other genres.

“It was a perfect blend of classical, rock, and heavy metal. It got me on my feet, clapping and cheering her on,” said Michael Burdette, security for Midtown Pass.

Everyone seemed to be very interested, and focused on her. The crowd was diverse, many being older, but still visible amounts of college students sporadically throughout the crowd.

“I’m a twenty year old and I thought the music was amazing,” added Catherine Taylor of Tallahassee.

She played melodies by AC/DC, Led Zeppelin
and Metallica. This was an amazing night to experience music in its prime.

“Music is something that is one of God’s greatest gifts to us. I truly believe that. Before people ever discovered language they were probably already singing. As they were singing they were probably already experiencing a sense of the divine,” said Pine according to

This event started at 8 o’clock, and admission was free. Donations were excepted.