St. Pat’s Day at Old Navy


As a child, can you remember how it felt to be dragged along on a shopping excursion on a beautiful Saturday afternoon? For many the memory isn’t pleasant.

However, at Old Navy this past St. Patrick’s Day, those children that dragged their feet through the store’s door was greeted with a pleasant surprise. At the back of the store, a child’s wonderland awaited them.

Old Navy set out to accommodate children with crafts, games, and fun. Zach Gargis, the coordinator of the event, set up an arts and crafts station, a small stage and a musical chair section for the children’s enjoyment.

The children in the store ran to the arts and crafts station with Kool-Aid smiles on their faces. When they took a seat they were able to make Irish hats out of plastic bowls, green paint and four-leaf clover sticks.

Camille Simon and Shelby Scott, employees that were working at the arts and crafts station, had their hands full. Children were constantly running up to them, tapping on their arms requesting plastic bowl hats to paint and little clover sticks to add finishing touches.

While Simon and Scott held down the arts and crafts station, Gargis worked the musical chair section. Gargis sat on a small stage next to the speakers and controlled the music. The children gathered around the chairs, which were arranged in a circle, and waited for the music to start and the game to begin.

Kara Right, a Tallahassee native, walked her son to the arts and crafts station with a fixed smile on her face. She said she did not know about the event, but felt that it was a good idea because it gave her son something fun to do while she shopped.

According to Gargis, Old Navy tries to do something at least every month for the children.

“We try to keep the kids in mind so that they can have fun and the parents can shop easier knowing that their child has something to do,” said Gargis.

The next event Old Navy will host is the “Easter Extravaganza.” The details are still being planned, but Gargis assures it will be fun event and will probably take place on the 8th or 9th of April.

To find out more details about the upcoming events at Old Navy, visit the store at 1564 Governors Square Blvd. and ask to speak with Gargis.