FAMU restructures provost position


Florida A&M has undergone a series of administrative changes.

In a meeting Friday with the university’s academic deans, President James H. Ammons announced that Larry Robinson, who served as the university’s provost from 2003 to 2005, will be returning to that position immediately.

Discharged Provost Cynthia Hughes Harris, will return to a position she also once held; dean of the school of Allied Health

In a letter released, Ammons said that he was shifting his leadership team to “assign members…where there skills and experience are needed most.”

“It was shocking news,” said dean of the school of Journalism and Graphic Communication James Hawkins. “They [Ammons, Hughes Harris and Robinson] were in agreement that this would benefit the university.”

Also presented was the changing role of the Office of the General Counsel, which will now oversee operations of risk management, labor relations and the Office of Equal Opportunity Employment.

The Office of the General Counsel’s responsibilities include approving contracts and travel, issuing the Student Code of Conduct, negotiating and executing research contracts.

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