New Dorms to Open at Polkinghorne Site in Fall 2013

Florida A&M students can look forward to the construction of a new residence hall that is scheduled for a fall 2013 opening.

The 800-bed facility will be located at the existing Polkinghorne Village site, behind The Café, and is estimated to cost the university $44 million.

A recent update of a previous study done in 2007, the Comprehensive Plan for Student Housing, was finalized Nov. 8. One objective of the project is to estimate demand for student housing based on enrollment trends, housing capacity, participation trends and the cost of living in university housing. Between 2006 and 2010, total enrollment increased by 1,891 students — 18 percent.

Samuel J. Houston, director of the office of facilities planning and construction, said, “This will be bigger and better. It is the role of the university to cater to the future, our students.” He said another residential facility would increase revenue for the university.

Phase one of the project included the renovation of Samson and Young Hall that opened last August. Phase two, which is the completion of the 800-dormitory residency hall, is scheduled for completion by July.

Ariah Wooden, a second-year, architecture student from Tallahassee, stays in Palmetto Street South. Spending her first year in Truth Hall, she said she feels her new residence is a downgrade.

“Although I’m living in a facility where I can cook, I do not have enough space for all of my stuff,” Wooden said.

Deboris Ellis, a first-year, engineering student from Melbourne, Fla. spent his first year at FAMU living in newly renovated Samson Hall.

“I am excited to be living in the new dorms. I hope the other dorms get renovated like this,” he said.Once Polkinghorne is completed, the renovation of Diamond and McGuinn Halls will start.