City to hold meeting to address FAMU Way Extension Project


A major road expansion project returns to the local spotlight after being nonexistent for nearly two years.

In an effort to maintain community activism, the City of Tallahassee is hosting an informational meeting to address the FAMU Way Extension Project. 

Thursday’s meeting will be an informative session for residents within close proximity of potential construction. A notification from CSX Railroad representatives explains a series of undisclosed factors, prompting lengthy traffic near Wahnish and FAMU Ways.

Community members will be able to ask questions and provide feedback. 

The City of Tallahassee has developed a few additional plans that divert traffic flow more effectively. The original plan predicted commuters facing traffic delays of 30-45 minutes, several times throughout a day.

City officials have made alternative routes, and are ready for the community’s response.  

“The conceptual route modification would avoid the railroad tracks altogether,” said Gabe Menendez, director of Public Works. “We want to present this concept and get feedback from the public prior to making any recommendations to the City Commission.”

According to The City of Tallahassee, the revised plan would have the route turn south at the railroad tracks to Gamble Street, then follow the existing Gamble alignment westward to Lake Bradford Road.

Area residents say this is a great opportunity to express concerns, before any construction begins.

“I will attend the meeting,” says Courtney Blane, who lives near Railroad Square. “We can’t complain once the plans are solidified. So, we might as well put our input before it’s too late.”  

The city commission originally approved an extension of FAMU Way to Lake Bradford Road in 2010.

The FAMU Way Extension Project includes bicycle and pedestrian paths, on-street parking and wide sidewalks. Several recreational areas are in the plans, accented with lush greenery.

The new roadway is scheduled to begin construction in 2013. 

The meeting will take place Thursday evening at Walker-Ford Community Center, located at 2301 Pasco Street. Guests are asked to arrive at 6 p.m. 

Visit for additional information and a map of the proposed roadway.