Lady Rattlers Lose Chance at MEAC Glory to Lady Bison 51-43

The Florida A&M Lady Rattlers ended their season and chance at the Mid Eastern Athletic Tournament Championship in defeat to the Howard Lady Bison 51-43.

The Rattlers were off to a slow start the first half of the game. The Rattlers could not make baskets and had more than six turnovers within the first nine minutes of the game.

The Lady Bison was consistent in getting rebounds on every shot taken, which help the Bison take the lead during the first half.

Saadia Doyle for the Bison constantly took shots, she and teammate Cheyenne Curley-Payne was instrumental in helping their team gain points and muscle their way to get rebounds.

Antonia Bennett, MEAC Player of the Year, struggled to help her team cut the lead. However, at the half she made a shot from half court that flew into the net. However, the shot was contested and would not count.

The Lady Rattlers went into the half trailing 25-15 in favor of the Howard Bison.

In the second half the rattlers came out with much fervor to cut the 10-point lead. The Rattlers were able to cut the lead down to a two point game. However, once the lady rattlers went on a run so did the Bison pushing the lead back up to an eight point game.

The Lady Rattlers struggled to keep the ball and make shots. However, they could not capitalize of second chance shots.

This proved to be detrimental for the rattlers. The Lady Bison and Lady Rattlers played hard defense and offense throughout the game.

But because the Lady Rattlers were only shooting at 25.9 percent during the game, and could not find shots they lost the game at 51 to 43.

The Lady Rattlers shooters couldn’t get the ball into the hoop. Tameka McKelton for the Lady Rattlers and leading shooter didn’t score any points the entire first half of the game.

The Lady Rattlers are still hoping to play in the National Invitation Tournament.