Argument leads to shots fired at FAMU

One individual was arrested Thursday night after shots were fired on the east side of Palmetto Street South apartments.

Officers arrested Tallahassee Community College student Cedric Henderson. The 23-year-old fired three shots into the air following a verbal confrontation between his girlfriend, Tytiana Edden, and Satin Webster.

A Florida A&M Police officer was on patrol on the west end of the apartments. The officer immediately drove to the opposite side of the building after hearing three gun shots.

The apartment complex is located on Palmetto Street, which is on campus.

According to the police report, Edden claimed Henderson and Webster were having an affair. Edden and Florida State student Melissa Brown and FAMU student Cherish Holley confronted Webster outside of the building. After the shots were fired, the young ladies and on lookers ran to dodge the bullets.

Reggie Blaze, 18, a first year accounting student from Houston, was in a friend’s apartment when the shooting occurred.

“I thought there was a fighting going on in the hallway,” Blaze said. “When I walked outside, I seen a lot of cops.”

When the officer arrived, Henderson was seen placing a 9 mm pistol into the trunk of a white Chevrolet Cobalt.

FAMU student Darius Whitehead and Anthony Wiggins, who does not attend FAMU, were also at the scene. They were instructed to step away from the vehicle. Wiggins obeyed while Whitehead tried to jump into the driver’s seat.

The officer retrieved his gun and demanded he exit the vehicle. Whitehead was taken into custody without further incident.

Henderson fled the scene with his and Edden’s child before officers could question him. He returned 30 minutes later with the child.

The child was unharmed.

Henderson admitted to the shooting as an attempt to end the argument and was arrested and taken to the FAMU Police Department and then transported to Leon County Jail.

He is charged with child abuse, discharging a weapon on school grounds and possession of a firearm on school grounds. Wiggins, Henderson and Brown were given trespass warnings for a year.

There were no reported injuries or deaths.