Student leaders, you have a job to do

One of the things I’ve noticed about election season is that when it’s over, and the student leaders take office, some students become unconcerned with whether or not the candidates do what their supposed to do.

Candidates spend several days pitching platforms that sound like recycled information from previous elections, but very few people care about the quality of what is being promised.

Instead, they’re concerned with who had the best snacks or campaign material. Buttons and honey buns are not going to handle the responsibility that comes with holding a position of leadership.

Leaders, you are front and center. Students expect results. Even if some failed to ask you some of the more important questions, that doesn’t mean that you are at liberty to do nothing.

Your job is to find out what the students want and how you can make it happen. When you forget to think of them in your decision-making, you will be held accountable.

Students, remember that you have the right to ensure that the people who claim to represent you are being effective in their leadership.

An effective leader knows how to lead and how to follow great leaders. Leaders understand that although they may not know the answer to everything, they owe it to you to deliver the best possible solution.

With that said, this is a challenge to students and student leaders to show care and concern for the well-being of the university.

Be an example to your peers, hold people accountable and be able to accept accountability. You owe it to the student body.