Rising gas prices could affect students’ travel plans



With Spring Break closing in, many people are getting ready to start their road trips and book hotels, but higher gas prices could affect their plans.

Florida residents are paying an average of $3.77 a gallon for gas throughout the state. It is three cents more than last week, and the price for gas is eight cents more than the national average.

Students said the rising gas prices do not make sense. 

English student Brittany Toney called increased gas prices “disturbing,” and said paying more to drive would hinder her travels.

“I spend about $120-160 a month in gas alone,” said Toney. “Traveling or road trips gets extremely costly. And being a Ft. Lauderdale native, it makes frequent trips home close to unfeasible.”

Gas prices in Tallahassee range from $3.69 to $3.79.

“Lately the prices have been going up every two days, ranging from three to four cents,” said Nickholas Sayy, the manager at a Sunoco gas station on Monroe St. “By the end of March and beginning of April, I expect the price to be at least $5.”

People are driving less and buying more fuel-efficient cars to beat the economic downturn.

Recent reports said the United States is producing more of its own oil and natural gas than it has in a while. People all over the county have noticed that gas is close to $4 a gallon and is still rising. 

Entomology student Kaniesha Barr is hoping for lower gas prices.

“I absolutely do not like the fact that gas prices are rising due to several factors, and I am wondering if it will be going down anytime soon,” Barr said.