Erika Stuckman on FAMU Day at the Capitol

This is a blog posted by a School of Journalism & Graphic Communication student

The Florida Civil Rights Hall of Fame induction ceremony was a once in a lifetime opportunity and it was really cool to be a witness of an event that is history is the making.

Three African-American heroes were recognized at this ceremony and were the first inductees ever.Mary McLeod Bethune, C.K. Steele and Claude Pepper were acknowledged for their movement in gaining equal rights for all. All members are deceased but families were there to accept the award on their behalf. Each received a plaque and was placed in the Capitol for everyone to see.

“It’s because of courage, commitment and a yielding selfishness of these giants and many others, that I am able to stand here today,” said 13-year-old David Jackson of Deerlake Middle School. “Stand here and give you my perspective on how far the Civil Rights movement has come and where we should go from here.”

I believe David Jackson made an important point because if it was not for their brave spirits, we as African-Americans would not be able to do a public speech in front of a integrated crowd about the Civil Rights movement.

Representative Allen Williams D-Tallahassee also said, “We must remember as Dr. King said, faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole stair case.”

I took this quote as we may not be all the way to the top but we must have that commitment and trust so we can only get closer and closer to fulfilling the dream that our ancestors once paved the way for.