Brittanie Richardson on FAMU Day at the Capitol

Today I attended FAMU day at the Capitol.

A ceremony was held to recognize new members of the Civil Rights Hall of Fame. Being inducted today was Mary McLeod Bethune, Claude Denson Pepper, and Rev. Dr. Charles Kenzie Steele Sr.

About 300 people of all ages attended. Everyone gathered around and waited anxiously for the event to begin. Prior to the start of the ceremony, I was able to shake the hands of Gov. Rick Scott as well as Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll.

The ceremony opened with the song “America the Beautiful.” Following the song, 14-year-old David Jackson gave a speech about freedom. He thanked those who allowed the freedom to be possible because of their efforts.

Rep. Alan Williams walked to the podium with enthusiasm and announced how happy he was to be there. Williams began to talk about the importance and significance of Civil Rights. He also stated that with this induction “We are all paying amish to the drum majors of justice.”

Rev. Dr. Joseph T. Wright harped on the legacy of those inducted by stating, “We must continue on the path of our people.” Carroll followed Wright by speaking about the significance of the induction and ended the ceremony with her closing remarks.