How to Stay Safe for Spring Break

Spring Break is next week. It seems like we just started the spring semester.

Although we have this break to relax and have school off of our mind, we have to remember to be safe.

The face of any Florida A&M student should not be on the news. I love my Rattler family, so please enjoy yourself, but be cautious.

Even though you may consider yourself grown, remember the rules that you were taught during your childhood, like don’t drink after putting your cup down and don’t go anywhere by yourself.

Do not go anywhere with a stranger by yourself and always travel in groups. In elementary school terms, use the buddy system.

Do not leave any valuables out of eyesight. I’m pretty sure I don’t have to go down the entire list because your parents have already done so. Just follow these rules and Spring Break should be nothing but fun.

So whether you’re going to Panama City, Miami, out of the state or out of the country, I want to see you back on March 12 when school starts.

Here are some safety tips from

  • • Road Trip — Always Buckle Up! It’s the law. Take turns behind the wheel. Shotgun riders should keep the driver awake because we don’t want any accidents.
  • • ATM — Can’t have spring break without any money. If you have to go to the ATM, go during daylight hours. Do not go by yourself and be aware of your surroundings. Look out for people who seem suspicious. If you feel unsafe at that particular ATM, go to another ATM.
  • • Strangers — Remember your mama’s rule about strangers: do not go anywhere with someone you do not know. If you left with your friends you should return with your friends.
  • • Drinking — I don’t drink but I know many students do. Party smart and be of careful whom you let fix your drinks. And once you put it down and step away, do not come back to it. Be aware of the liquor laws of your vacation spot. According to a University of Wisconsin study, 75 percent of college males and 43 percent of females reported being intoxicated on a daily basis during Spring Break. Please do not drink and drive. Have a designated driver or have the taxi company on speed dial.
  • • Hotels — It is recommended that you reserve a hotel room above the first floor but under the sixth floor. First floor rooms are easier to break into and it’s hard for fire ladders to reach rooms above the sixth floor. Keep your doors locked, and do not let anyone in your room unless you trust that person.
  • • Beach — Drinking and the sun can cause a problem. While partying on the beach remember that the sun can maximize the effects of alcohol.