Election 2012 Results are in

After a week of campaigning and assertions of platforms, the results are finally in.

Some students voted without waiting a single minute and others had to stand in long lines waiting to obtain a ballot.

Alysia Boles, music education student said she had to wait in line at the precinct in Tucker Hall.

“I’m the type of person that doesn’t like to wait in long lines, especially for something that should be quick. I was waiting for 15 minutes before they starting calling out majors,” said the second-year Detroit native. “After they called, I probably had to wait two more minutes until I was at the desk where they asked for you Rattler card,”

But, while some students were met with long lines, some students had unexpected difficulties.

Lindsay Fields, a sophomore majoring in chemistry, said she and other students had difficulty voting because of unrecorded credits.

“I’m a sophomore, credit wise, but I had to pull up my unofficial transcript so, I can vote,” said Fields We had to pull it up on our smart phone but no one’s smart phones were working so then they said that I could print it. So, I had to go on an epic search for a computer because no one had iPads on them, but I eventually found a laptop and managed to pull it up and show it to them.”

As a distraction from the anticipated results, students attended the “5,000 Voters Strikes Carnival Extravaganza,” at Hansel E. Tooke’s Sr. Student Recreation Center. The carnival style event provided music, food and an abundance of activities. There were three bounce houses, laser tag and basketball to entertain the students.

Christina Avrilien, a freshmen pharmacy student from Miami, said she attended the event in support.

“I came out to support my school and the candidates. It’s a good way to celebrate the end of the campaign season and the soon-to-be elected candidates,” said Avrilien.

Afterward, students assembled on The Set anxiously awaiting the results to be posted on the Office of Student Activities’ window. Jasmine O. Yates was elected Miss FAMU for the 2012-2013 school year. Yates received 1,113 votes while Chelsea Easterling received 995 votes.

There will be a run-off for Mr. FAMU. Eric Murray received 998 and Larry Polynice had 892 votes leaving Forrest Andrew Jenkins in last place with 176.

Marissa West and Michael Jefferson were the winning pair elected Student Government Association president and vice president.

“It’s overwhelming,” Jefferson said emotionally. “What God has for you, he has for you.”

West and Jefferson triumphed with 939 votes over Justin McCorvey and Ariana Williams who had 864. McCorvey and Williams were disqualified, but are going to appeal their disqualification.

The race between Tyghe Joel “T.J.” Legacy-Cole and Jalisa Brown was close enough in order for a run-off election to be scheduled on Thursday.

“I think it’s fitting. I think throughout the race, it’s a real contrast with myself and Jalisa Brown. I think it was really the old way of doing things,” said Legacy-Cole. “Students are going to vote upon whether they like the way the electoral commissioner is always run or whether they think they need some changes in the electoral commissioner.

Brown received 812 and Legacy Cole was behind with 674.

There will also be a run-off for the competition for King and Queen of Orange and Green.

Students will have to vote again on Thursday to elect either Tayler Fisher or Kyra Pierre for Queen of Orange and Green and David Banks or Alphonse Brenet Etienne for King of Orange and Green.

Students will be able to vote on Thursday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m in the same precincts where they voted Tuesday.