Commissioner At-Large AKin Akinyemi

From the motherland of Africa to the highest of seven hills, Akin Akinyemi a Florida A&M alumnus and chairman of Leon County Commissioners at large.

There are five district commissioners and two at large, meaning the at large commissioners constitute the legislative body of the city and as a group, are responsible for taxation, appropriations, ordinances and other general functions.

Akin Akinyemi was born Oct. 12, 1959, in Lagos, Nigeria. He later moved to the United States in 1982 and to Tallahassee in 1986.

Akinyemi attended Florida A&M in 1986 at the School of Architecture and finished in 1988.

Upon his completion of FAMU, Akinyemi then moved to Atlanta where he started his own architecture firm.

“I began to receive more business in Tallahassee between the school board and FAMU than in Atlanta,” said Akinyemi. “So I moved back to Tallahassee in 1993 and continued my business here.”

Akinyemi has been a U.S. citizen for seven years, but also has international volunteer and research experience in Nigeria, Kenya and Jamaica.

Going into this year’s election, Akinyemi explained that he’s very confident in the amount of work he’s accomplished in this short amount of time.

“I’m so grateful to live in such a great country where just about anyone can serve in public office,” said Akinyemi. “What I’ve done in a very short period of time as far as putting specific policies in place, making the county more accessible and moving the economy around is a good testament of what I’ve been able to do.”

 Akinyemi said he believes in a government that is accountable, accessible, ethical and works for the greater good of all the citizens of Leon County. He also believes in celebrating diversity and striving for the equality of all.

“I don’t think where the person is originally from makes much of a difference,” said Thomas Milton, a Tallahassee resident. “If they’re knowledgeable on the political standpoint of this country and they have the ability to lead this city in the right direction, then as a citizen of Leon County I’m open to whatever they feel will benefit our community.”

Despite the other candidates running for his position and the chances of him not being re-elected. Akinyemi expressed his confidence going into the race and his confidence about the things he’s accomplished thus far.”It’s always great to see someone of color and of his experience to be in the position he’s in and have great visions for Leon County,” said Johnathan Nesbit, a third-year health care management student from Fort Pierce, Fla.

The elections are in August and as chairman, Akinyemi wants to continue to make Leon County Commissioners more accessible by holding a virtual town hall meeting, so the people of Leon County can pose any questions or concerns they may have.

As far as a long term vision as a county commissioner, Akinyemi said he wants to stay consistent with what he’s already done and continue to make Leon County a more sustainable community. There’s still some work to be done in the area, but he predicts that with another term he will accomplish all of his goals.