Women’s Tennis Team Still Seeks First Win

The Florida A&M women’s tennis team (0-3) is still in search of its first win of the season, as it fell 6-1 to the Stetson Hatters (1-0) Saturday in Deland, Fla.

The Lady Rattlers were the victims of the Hatters season opener.

FAMU entered a deep hole early in the match, as it lost all three of its doubles matches. Britney Dean from Riverdale, Ga. and Shani Williams from Antiqua, Barbados were victims of doubles sweep as the Hatters defeated the Lady Rattlers 8-5 on court three.

Kathline Durden from Detroit, Minn. and Bethany Holt from Nashville, Tenn. failed to help the Lady Rattlers in their doubles match, as they fell 8-3 on court one. The Hatters finished their doubles sweep by beating Alexis Brown from Eagan, Minn. and Elysia Ortiz from Augusta, Ga. 8-4 on court two.

The Lady Ratters never entered a consistent tempo during the match as adverse weather conditions plagued its performance. Between strong winds and a talented opponent, FAMU received more than it could handle.

The Lady Rattlers also had difficulties in singles play with the harsh outdoor conditions. The team entered a weak start in singles as Dean lost 6-1, 6-0, to Diana Bukajeva on court four. Williams recorded similar results, losing 6-1, 6-2, to Lindsey Cable. Holt lost her singles match, falling to Shannon Gunning 6-3, 6-2, on court three.

Even though the Lady Rattlers have yet to earn a victory this season, they said they are still making strides toward improvement.

“We played hard in doubles and singles,” Brown said. “We came up short in tough outdoor conditions.”

Despite injuries, Brown’s dominant performance paid off for the Lady Rattlers. She recorded FAMU’s only singles victory.

“I had multiple injuries and wanted to give up, but I stuck it out and got the win,” Brown said.

The Lady Rattlers continue to show samples of improvement during their matchups against strong competition outside the Mid- Eastern Athletic Conference. In search of their first win, head coach Nikki Goldthreate and the Lady Rattlers will take on South Alabama in Mobile, Ala. Saturday.