Intramural Tennis Team Happy with Progress

After fairing well against two of the nation’s top-tier programs, the Florida A&M University intramural tennis club is content about its progress at this point in the season.

On Thursday, the team competed against Florida State and the University of Florida, which is currently ranked second in the nation by the United States Tennis Association.

It was the team’s second match of the season. The men won four singles matches, while the women were competitive but fell short in every match.

Emory Rivers, club president and fourth-year criminal justice student with a minor in psychology from Miami, earned an 8-0 victory for the team. Rivers said that he felt great about the team’s performance.

“I am proud that we came out with four victories in singles matches on the men’s side,” said Rivers.

Shelby Avery, one of the top female performer’s from Thursday, was also pleased with the team’s performance. Avery, the second-year business administration student from Saginaw, MI. who earned an 8-4 victory, said that the team did well and that there were many improvements compared to the first match.

Head coach Shedrick Corbin wasn’t able to attend the match, but he said he was impressed with the team’s performance. Corbin said that the club has a great group of players.

“Between having fun and learning the fundamentals of the game, these guys really have it,” said Corbin.

“We were able to bring home four victories which was great and I expect ever greater things for out future matches,” said Avery. “We are gaining confidence and growing.”

The FAMU intramural tennis club is one of few HBCU intramural tennis clubs to compete against nationally-ranked competition. The club has played against two national powerhouses within the last week.

Team members said these tough matches early in the season would help the club down the stretch.

The club will hold its next tournament at home on Saturday. This tournament will be open to everyone, and teams will be competing for a men and women’s title.