Tallahassee to Close Major Streets This Weekend

Students at Florida A&M University should be aware that the City of Tallahassee will be closing the intersection of Gaines Street and Railroad Avenue this weekend while working on a phase of construction for the Gaines Street Project. The closure will be in effect from 6 a.m. Saturday, Feb. 11, through 6 p.m. Sunday, Feb. 12.

Crews will be working to connect duct banks under the southside of the intersection. This work involves open trenches and heavy equipment. The city is advising motorists, cyclists and pedestrians who frequent this route to use extreme caution in the area.

Traffic headed westbound on Gaines Street will be allowed to continue or turn right to head north on Railroad Avenue. Westbound traffic will not be able to turn left off Gaines Street onto Railroad Avenue.

Southbound and northbound through traffic on Railroad Avenue at the intersection of Gaines Street will not be permitted.

Detour signs will be in place to take vehicles around the closure using adjacent streets. This may be a hindrance to students who live directly in the vicinity of campus and businesses along this area. Some traffic delays should be expected.

Bill Behenna, senior public information officer with the city, said that there shouldn’t be any drastic traffic delays or interferences with businesses.

Road closure is very common in this case with the city trying to rebuild the entire area.

“We’ve established a personal relationship with the business owners and they in turn keep their customers informed about the alternative access ways,” said Behenna.

The city does not want to interfere with the patronage that these businesses receive. They will remain open and active throughout the entire construction period.

However, Danny Shrine, owner of Full Press Apparel located on 645 W. Gaines St., feels otherwise.

Shrine said that the construction is making it challenging for customers to access his facilities.

“The city has communicated poorly with the businesses in this area and hasn’t included us in any of the long term plans they have for the renovation,” said Shrine.

Shrine is concerned for the longevity of his business. “The city released a newsletter with a before and after picture of Gaines Street in the before picture you see Full Press Apparel, in the after picture you do not.”

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