Student Senators Introduce Bill to Renovate Grand Ballroom

Two student senators have partnered to renovate Florida A&M’s grand ballroom. Their plans would make the grand ballroom into a smart room and make more “accessible and convenient.”

Twin brothers, Anthony Siders II and Sean Siders, are trying to get the bill passed through the senate that would add projector screens, improve lighting and replace the tiling in the room at a cost of almost $200,000.

“We want to make the grand ballroom more accessible and convenient,” said Anthony Siders II, a third-year, political science/pre-law student from New Orleans. “The would help us promote functions held in the grand ballroom and stop us from spending so much money on other venues.”

His brother, Sean, a third-year biology/pre-med major also from New Orleans, was unavailable for comment.

If passed, the bill would bring about the entire renovation of the grand ballroom. With these renovations would transform the grand ballroom into a more convenient space for students. Some of the renovations would include three roll-down projector screens, as well as replacing the tile and lighting. Chandeliers might be a part of these new renovations as well.

The renovations would cost the university $195,000 in total. If they were to add chandeliers to the plan it would be $263,000. Some senators feel that the bill isn’t need right now and that others things are more important in the budget.

Senator Cecil Spear thinks that the decision to renovate should be up to the students. The funding for the renovations would come out of the students’ Activity and Service (A&S) fees.

Spear is a sophomore senator from Griffin, GA. He is majoring in criminal justice. He believes that if the bill were voted on today that it would not pass. Spear says that Anthony and Sean Siders have a lot of work to do to get the bill through.

“I’m behind it if the students are behind it,” said Spear.

Senator Monique Mussio shares some of Senator Spear’s sentiments. Mussio is a fourth-year business administration student from Tampa. She is concerned about what the student body wants.

“I like the fact that the twins are taking the initiative be proactive in regards to their efforts of beautifying our campus but my only concern is that it might not be what the student body wants,” said Mussio.

The Siders twins are still working on the bill and it should be brought before the senate before the semester is out.