MTV Launches ‘Against My Will’ to Combat Human Trafficking

MTVU has started a campaign to inform students on the different forms of human trafficking.

Considered a form of modern-day slavery in which people profit from the control and exploitation of others, human trafficking occurs at a higher rate in California, Texas and Florida than in any other states, according to the national human trafficking hotline.

Jennifer Reed, a third-year political science student from Orlando, Fla., was shocked by Florida’s top rating on the list.

“I thought human trafficking only happened in third world countries. To know it’s so close to home makes me really want to get involved,” said Reed.

MTVU has launched a competition for college students; the winner will receive 10,000 dollars and the chance to work with MTVU. The goal of the competition is to make an innovative and digital tool that will raise awareness on modern day slavery.

Jake Urbanski , a representative for the MTVU campaign, encourages all students to apply.

“It’s a great cause and all students or groups can enter the competition, we’ll consider all idea’s,” said Urbanski.

Human trafficking victims range from children to adults that are forced into sexual acts and can even include anyone forced into different forms of labor services. For example domestic workers held in a home or farm-workers forced to labor against their will.

Saintia Marc, a second-year physical therapy student from Port au Prince, knows how common human trafficking is.

“Human trafficking is a really big issue that many people are not aware of so I’m happy MTVU is making an effort to tell students about it,” said Marc.

Applications are due by April 2.

Contest rules and guidelines can be found at