Dwight Bullard: ‘Public service’ is a Life’s Mission

During college, professors and advisors often tell students their future is what they make it, and the possibilities are limitless. For Florida A&M University alumnus Dwight Bullard, this was the best advice he could’ve ever taken.

“Public service is what I have been brought up around and enjoy doing,” said Bullard, “The opportunity to go back to and protect the interest of the communities that have shaped my child and adulthood is one that I excitedly embrace.”

After two terms in the Florida House of Representatives, he announced last November that he’d be running for representative of District 29. Bullard attended Florida A&M from 1995-1999, receiving a Bachelor’s of Science in history and a minor in education. He says, there’s a couple things that have changed since his collegiate tenure.

“The campus has expanded tremendously since I was a student. The new Student Union, Recreation Center and Journalism School are definitely great additions to campus.”

Elected in 2008 and re-elected in 2010, he currently serves on six different subcommittees within the Florida House of Representatives.

“In my role as a state legislator I am a better researcher on different topics thanks to the professors I had while attending FAMU.”

Along with his political career, Dwight has another responsibility that is just as big, if not larger. His minor in education came in handy when he decided to become a public educator. Beginning in 1999, Bullard is now a seasoned educator, having thirteen years under his belt.

“Being in the Department of History and Political Science prepared me for my job as a history teacher in every way, from student engagement to lecture preparation.”

Education major and political science minor Chantel Jackson was delighted to see someone accomplish her career aspirations, as a graduate of Florida A&M.

“When I researched Bullard, I was pleasantly surprised,” said Jackson. “I really want to become an educator because of the lack of teachers and professors that actually care for students. I also want to get involved in politics too.”

He was a member of the Student Government Association and the FAMU chapter of NAACP. However, one of his fondest memories from college is being able to represent his university during the Honda Campus All-Star Challenge, a knowledge based game geared toward HBCU students.

“Winning a National Championship with the Honda Campus Quiz Bowl team back in 1998 was awesome,” explained Bullard. “Representing FAMU while competing against other schools really instilled a since of school pride that has never left me.”

Dwight currently serves on the education subcommittee as a Democratic Ranking Member. This means that he’s the committee’s chairperson.

“I am currently working to avoid cuts to the higher education system in Florida and working to inform my colleagues of the value of a strong education system that appreciates various majors and degrees.”

Simply put, an outstanding Rattler with a strong passion to help others. Bullard says he has worked hard to get where his is today, and that he doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

“For all students, let patience be your ally. Life has a way of allowing you to realize your place in the world as long as you allow things to unfold in its own time.”