Twitter Gives Users an Alternate Reality

One hundred and forty characters. That’s all the space you’re allowed on Twitter to vent, give out your daily agenda, spit knowledge, or whatever your reasons are for having your account.

Let’s be honest, there are very few in our generation who do not have a Twitter. Some use their accounts to rid the world of social injustice, fighting for their beliefs one tweet at a time. Others use it for social purposes, finding out what their friends are up to, figuring out which parties are happening, and some even use their Twitter accounts to publicize their organizations, businesses and much more. But what about those who get on Twitter and reinvent themselves?

For some, once they type in their user-name and password, they step into a realm where the population is one and Twitter is their stage.

I have heard several times that “It’s just Twitter!” I don’t believe I have ever really grasped that statement because there are real people following you, your words and thoughts, and sometimes your actions are not make-believe. What happens when one of your followers puts out too much of their personal business?

Who knew that the sweet girl who sits next to you in class was so… so… vulgar? Yes, let’s use vulgar for the sake of being tasteful.

The majority of us aren’t in any position to judge one another, but when someone so blatantly offers up the ins and outs of how they like it, where they

like it, and with whom they like it, are their followers wrong for questioning them?

What about those male and female followers that are constantly giving out relationship advice but are either; A. single and bitter, B. in a relationship that makes you not want to take their advice, or C. a single person who doesn’t even take their own advice. When I see these types of followers tweet, I pay them no mind. I see a lot of males giving advice on how to treat a lady, but what I see in person doesn’t line up with their philosophical and romantic tweets.

When it comes to the World Wide Web or any branch of it, there will always be those who hide behind a computer or phone screen and feel the need to transform into another person.

With constant outcry against the posers on Twitter, who are we to judge? If everyone were themselves on Twitter how boring would that be?

Is Twitter a way to reinvent yourself? Probably not. But it does give people a chance to be the vixen, the virgin, the money-maker, the philosopher, the e-thug, poet, preacher and heart-breaker that they have always wanted to be.

Welcome to Twitter, the world of make-believe.