Detour is Causing a Hectic Commute

I cannot stand construction, especially when it has to do with the roads. While I agree that Gaines Street is in DESPERATE need of repair, the inconvenience of the construction doesn’t seem worth it.

My morning commute is already quite hectic as I fight my way onto Tallahassee’s busy streets, thanks to Florida State.

This semester, as soon as I crossed over Lake Bradford Road, it was smooth sailing. A straight shot down Gaines Street, hang a right on Railroad Ave. and I am at Florida A&M ready to start another day of endless assignments.

Sadly, Gaines Street Revitalization has thrown a major wrench in the plan. Now, commuters are forced to take the detour down Woodward Ave. to St. Augustine and then back on Railroad Ave., leading to a never-ending stream of cars would rather run over a puppy than let you on the road.

I thought making a right on Lake Bradford Road and turning left onto Gamble Street would bypass all the headache of the detour. I have never been so wrong. I’m not saying that Gamble Street is anywhere near as busy as Tennessee Street.

No matter how much earlier I leave the house, something always seems to happen that prevents me from making it to my morning class on time.

One morning, on my way to class I was going to make it on time, early in fact. What do I see when I get on Gamble Street? That awful orange that tells me one thing, “YOU SHALL NOT PASS!”

Instead, I was lucky enough to be placed on a second detour making me 14 minutes for class. My frustration skyrocketed.

When I decided that I would try to take the original detour to see if things were running more smoothly another spot of construction greeted me. I got to campus, about to climb the hill after the railroad tracks on Wanish Way. Traffic was halted to allow for the other lane to take their detour down Eugenia adding another two minutes to my commute.

All I know is I cannot wait for the construction crews and their anger-inducing orange cones to pack it up. and go home.