Time to Bring that Ugly Sweater

And it is back: The Annual Ugly Sweater Jam.

The Student Government Association, the Office of Student Activities and Cultural Awareness, Social Unity, Community Service will host the donation drive/dance party in Gaither Gymnasium tonight from 8 p.m. to midnight.

The event is more than just a good time; it is a chance for students to assist members of the community by providing sweaters to the Big Bend Homeless Coalition.

The first Ugly Sweater jam was hosted in the Grand Ballroom, according to SGA Vice President Troy Harris.

“People had to stand in the lobby area because it was so packed,” said Harris.

Because of the large turnout at the first event, the organizations decided to move it to Gaither Gymnasium hoping of an even greater turnout than before.

The event was thought of during the summer 2010 when Harris and former Senate President Iman Sandifer had a conversation about having an event that was of a worthy cause.

So run down to the nearest Goodwill, Salvation Army, or even into a friend’s closet, grab those outdated or even super cute sweaters, and head to the Gaither gym for a night of purposeful fun.

For more information contact troylynnharris@gmail.com.