E2Campus Alerts Can Help Emergency Response

If there is an emergency on campus less than half of Florida A&M students will receive text messages and emails from the E2Campus system. The rest are not registered to receive them.

“E2Campus is an emergency notification that allows law enforcement to send messages to those who opt into the service via multiple avenues such as text messaging and email,” said Sgt. Sherri Luke, FAMU’s crime preventionofficer.

The messages alert the public to emergencies such as violent crimes, environmental spills, weather alerts and other life safety issues.

After receiving a grant from the Department of Education and Homeland Security, FAMU was the first school in the state of Florida to have the E2 Campus system.

“Instead of waiting on an emergency, we were proactive,” said Luke.

The first E2Campus message was sent in 2006.

The most recent message sent via E2Campus was Jan. 21; those who are registered received text messages and emails informing them to stay clear of the west side of Bragg Stadium. The police had an armed suspect in custody.

“I forgot that I registered to get the messages,” said LaTavyia Lowe, a 20-year-old second-year nursing student from Panama City, Fla. “I was happy that I did get it. I was walking so I knew to avoid that part of campus.”

Some students are unaware of the E2Campus system, but they think it is a good program.

“I feel as if the E2 Systems is a big help and everyone should be registered so they can be aware of emergencies,” said Maurice Primrose III, a 21-year-old, fourth-year marketing student from Washington State.”I think it is a convenient program to have.”

The FAMU Department of Public Safety is creating the “Text It, Tell It” program, which will allow students, faculty and visitors to anonymously report suspicious activities on campus.

The anonymous text messages will be received by the FAMU Police Department via the E2Campus platforms across the campus.

The Student Government Association and the Department of Public Safety are working to implement this program.

“I think this new aspect of the emergency notification system is going to be a huge asset to our community where face to face reporting is not always done be it due to fear, lack of time or whatever reason,” said Luke.

Students can sign up for this free service by registering on FAMU’s website or texting the word RATTLER to 79516.

For more information, contact the FAMU Police Department at 850-412-6576.