Flexbucks not Always so Flexible

Only a month into the semester and the flex bucks system has been down multiple times. It wasn’t working on the second day of the semester. Why is this still an issue?

There are students coming from practice and meetings and they are tired and hungry. But they can’t get anything to eat because not only are flex bucks down, but the café closes at 8 p.m. on the weekdays and 6:30 p.m. on the weekends.

While 155° Grill in the Orange Room is now open until midnight during the week, students can’t use their Rattler cards because of something that should have been fixed before students returned to school for the fall. It’s January. Why extend the hours if students can’t ever benefit from it?

It never fails, when I walk in I hear “flex bucks are down. Cash or credit only.” No ma’am and no sir, that’s why I pay $1,913 a semester for a meal plan .

And let’s not forget on Sundays when Pizza Hut and World of Wings Wingery opens at 6 p.m. Students can’t use flex bucks and the café is closing in 30 minutes. What’s an alternative? Are students supposed to just walk away hungry? No. The café needs to extend its hours so students can be fed.

Not being able to swipe my Rattler Card causes an unnecessary hassle, especially on Wednesdays. The café is always crowded on fried chicken Wednesdays and I don’t have the patience to wait in a long line just to spend 20 minutes looking for a seat with only an hour until my next class.

So, I walk to Foote-Hilyer Administration Center to go to the Rattler’s Nest. But guess what, flex bucks are down. Now I have to go to class on an empty stomach because I can’t go to my dorm room to fix something to eat and make it in time for class.

I can no longer accept the excuse “flex bucks are down.” This happened last semester, so we should not be dealing with the same issue. Find the problem and fix it, so we can eat.