Students, Know Your Candidates

As the race for the Grand Old Party presidential nomination heats up, it bothers me that many students are unaware of what is going on. Few know basic information about the GOP candidates. Now, I do have a little interest in politics, but even if I didn’t, I would be concerned with what is going on.

Whether you are voting for President Barack Obama or not, the next leader is will be making decisions that will affect you.

Of course, I know many students are caught up in political parties; however, this election shouldn’t be just about parties but about beliefs, at least when it comes to young adults voting.

I grew up in a Republican household; I am a Democrat. But if there is a better candidate than Obama, you better believe I would vote for him.

There are a lot of things I believe in and a lot of things I don’t.

I don’t believe our country should go to war with Iran. GOP candidates Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich said they would go to war with Iran if that country acquired nuclear weapons.

But they’ll only fight if all other options failed. That is still stupid to me.

I do not believe in the repeal of “Obamacare,” which all of the GOP candidates believe it should happen.

Don’t get me wrong, I do criticize the President Barack Obama as well.

For example, he has yet to end our country’s dependence on foreign oil.

So no matter what the issue is, I must be abreast on what every candidate is saying.

I spoke to a guy the other day, because he was trying to “holla,” at me. He said, “Girl, what you like in a man?” My response was “someone who can converse about various topics… like politics.”

To make a long story short I asked him about Gingrich and how he felt about the comments Gingrich made about black children and working. He replied (insert extended pause),”Who is that?” and “What did he say?”

His response made my jaw drop. Literally.

How can he call himself a college student and not know what’s going on. My professors still ask us who the GOP candidates are and people are still clueless. He is no different.

We call ourselves the future. Well, the future needs to know a little bit more about the present. This is no public service announcement. Well, maybe it is. I just want to encourage all to read daily and watch the news. Know who the GOP candidates are. And Prseident Obama is not one of them. He’s not a Republican.

Be aware of what is going on. Black history month is coming up. Technically, it starts this week.

Do something different; read.

More importantly, read about the state of this country. And how your vote could change the course of it.