Inspector General Deadline

Florida Inspector General Derry Harper has given Florida A&M two weeks to provide documents to the Board of Governors’ Office that outline the university’s anti-hazing plans.

In a letter to BOT Chairman Solomon Badger Friday, Harper gave the university until Feb. 7 to deliver “any written, typed, printed, recorded or graphic matter” concerning hazing to allow investigators to probe into what has become an overhaul of the university as a whole. Hazing has become a constant topic of Board of Trustees meetings lately.

Harper listed documents from as far back as January 1, 2007 from or involving the FAMU Police Department, the Vice President of Student Affairs, the FAMU Judicial Officer, the faculty Staff Handbook and any information about university-sanctioned student organizations.

Also included on that list were a Nov. 25 letter from Band Director Julian White to FAMU President James H. Ammons, the job description for the university president and “all reports or summaries related to the university’s anti-hazing program” since Jan. 1.

FAMU is also being required to name the liaison that will respond to requests for information and serve as appoint of contact. Harper also wrote that FAMU would need to provide a space on campus where the OIG could review documents too large to be provided electronically.