Champion’s Parents Placing Blame Wrongly

When news broke that the parents of Florida A&M band member Robert Champion intended to sue the university for the death of their son, I enthusiastically cheered them on hoping that justice would be restored and closure would be brought to his family.

It was later found out that due to state law, the Champions won’t be able to file a lawsuit against FAMU for another several months because of preliminary procedures set up to protect public entities.

Throughout the ordeal, I have supported Champion’s parents, but their latest tactic has caused me to question their intent and sadly their overall consciousness

Last week, the Champions announced they would be suing the company that owns the bus in which the hazing incident took place. The parents believe the bus company’s negligence contributed to his death.

According to reports, following the Florida Classic on Nov. 19, band members were able to get back on the bus to perform the hazing rituals after they had returned to an Orlando hotel.

Champion, 26, died as a result of being beaten during a hazing ritual, according to the Orange County Medical Examiner.

My initial reaction to the bus company lawsuit was that the Champions must be joking. What else would make them want to sue a company that had nothing to do with his death? Are they trying to cash in?

Ray Land, the owner of the Fabulous Coach Lines, said in a statement his employees did everything to get help once they were notified there was a problem.

I believe that since the parents won’t be able to reach a monetary settlement from FAMU until a much later date, they are insanely placing the blame on as many entities as possible.

Since the Champions are hell-bent on seeking “justice” for their son, why not sue the makers of the instruments that were used to beat Robert or how about they just sue the entire city of Orlando because it was its negligence that resulted in his death. Surely it’s everyone else’s fault that he’s dead and not the vicious monsters that actually killed him.

I know losing a child is one of the hardest ordeals a parent could face, especially when there is a cloud of suspicion regarding his death. But the Champions need to put blame where it belongs and not try to involve others who had nothing to with it.