Weekend Service, New Routes Ease Student Commutes

Alongside the improved bus routes, StarMetro now offers an updated online trip-planning application that allows users to plan commutes and estimate the length of travel. The online travel service is similar to web service MapQuest: it include the routes to be taken, the time spent on each route, transfer locations and even fare total needed.


“Online trip planning is another way we are making the transition to the new, multi-destination system easier for our customers,” says Ron Garrison, executive director of StarMetro.


StarMetro plans to extend to Saturdays the Dogwood route that goes through south Tallahassee including Duval, Adams, MLK, and Gamble street runs only Monday through Friday.

Malik Mangum, a 21-year old accounting student from Tampa, FL, believes public transportation is extremely vital. He lives on-campus and doesn’t own a car.

“These changes will allow students to commute a lot easier over the weekends,” Mangum said. “Formerly, students would walk to and from their destinations; either in the mornings, evenings and or nights. Essentially, having a bus route on the weekends will greatly affect the student body positively. This change is certainly needed.”

The changes that the city’s mass transit provider are implementing are making new routes accessible during the weekend for students to access not only school related activities, but personal business as well. “The updated routes are more efficient and less confusing,” said Heather Teter, StarMetro Marketing Specialist.

For more information on the updated system ride guides will be available at StarMetro located on Appleyard Dr. Or by visiting the website at www.talgov.com/starmetro.