Some really knit stuff

In the front of Railroad Square, Really Knit Stuff is back home. Located at 565 Industrial Drive, the eight-year-old store shows signs of gaining strength as time passes.

In the center of the main room is a long table with seats for 10 knitters to sit and chat while working on projects. On any given day, over half of the seats are full with knitters whose skills range from beginners to experts.

“I have been in many shops all over the United States and I have never found one to equal this,” said customer Kate Holman. “It was just told to me by a person that I happen to do business with.”


“It is the only one I go to,” said Ashley Metcalf.


“I was just selling the stuff I would knit and [my husband] he was selling his [art]work. Before long, there were a number of knitters that asked if they could just buy the yarn from me,” said Paula Zenick, owner of Really Knit Stuff. “So, that’s actually how I got into the yarn business. As the yarn took over, we had to move out.”


Really Knit Stuff offers a multitude of classes for knitters of every caliber. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, there is something for Really Knit Stuff to teach you. Beginning knitting and sock classes (one a month) are the most popular.

Throughout 2012, Really Knit Stuff will be offering a series of classes called “Twelve New Techniques for 2012.” Classes will include Casting Off in January, Casting On in February, Japanese Stitch Dictionaries in March, Seaming in April, Sock Heels in May and many more. Each class costs $15, unless otherwise posted.


More involved classes, like the Beginning Knitting Classes and Top Down Pullover Sweater class carry a fee of $45, but this includes supplies.


“The thing we get from here that I have never gotten anywhere else is the instruction. She also has many wonderful classes we can take, plus she just helps us on the side,” said Holman. “She has such a diverse selection of yarns. Everything from cotton to cashmere. Like my bag says, ‘Life’s too short to knit with ugly yarn.’ Paula doesn’t carry ugly yarn.”


“She is very supportive of us beginners,” said fellow customer Linda Ives.

While customers enjoy the quality of yarn and tools they can obtain from Really Knit Stuff as well as the classes, Zenick says Really Knit Stuff offers more than just that.


“Without a doubt, it’s the community. We are really available for people to come in and try new things,” said Zenick. “Mostly, what we really offer is a chance to be together and do something that’s creative and meditative and calming. It’s really neat when someone comes in and [takes deep sigh]. That’s really cool.”


“She is open a lot on holidays for those of us that our family may not be home or they may be out of state,” said Holman. “We just went through a wonderful New Year’s Eve day and she just offers a lot of friendship and support to women in the area. And men. All kinds of people from every end of the spectrum, I have met in this shop. Literally.”


For more information, visit the Really Knit Stuff Facebook page. There are pictures of projects completed in the classes and frequent updates on all the happenings of Really Knit Stuff. You can also contact Really Knit Stuff by phone at (850) 907-3590.