Rec Center Starts Table Tennis Club

The campus recreation center is looking to start a table tennis club this semester. Operators of Hansel E. Tookes Recreation Center have already selected a team captain and look forward to competing in tournaments later in the semester.

Eric Spears, a third-year professional pharmacy student from Tampa, is the team captain.

The team was formed in late August and they have been practicing regularly ever since. The club has been around since the mid-90s but was inactive for a while. About 10-15 players who practice regularly and is looking for more players.

They have their practices on Wednesdays and Fridays from 6 p.m. till the gym closes. They club practices in the aerobics room. They have four tables, one of which was purchased by Spears. They also have a machine that shoots outs ping pong balls.

“We want more people to come out and play,” said Spears. “Having tournaments this semester has given us something to look forward to.”

The club will host a tournament on campus on February 3. The tournament will start at 5 p.m. and end at 8 p.m. Depending on the turnout, there will be a second-day of competition.

The tournament will be open to all Florida A&M University students, staff and faculty. There will be prizes and trophies given out to the winners, andtudents are encouraged to participate.

Lam Bo, a fourth-year professional pharmacy student from St. Petersburg is another member of the club. Bo has been playing table tennis since high school and has been with the club since its reformation in late August.

“Table tennis is not a hard sport to learn how to play and its fun to play,” said Bo.

Rodger Chantrielle, head of communications for campus recreation, is one of the coaches for the club. Chantrielle has been playing table tennis since he was five. He likes the progress that the team has made.

“I think the club has the chance to give the school some good exposure said,” Chantrielle. “They (the club) are really looking forward to the tournament in Atlanta.”

Club members are looking forward to their first outside competition.