Financial Aid Department is a Smooth Operator

The Financial Aid department is increasing its effort to deliver better customer service to the student body.

Michelle Williams, Office of Financial Aid Interim Director, says the office is working hard to improve its processing and customer services.

“We’ve maximized the staff in our office by assigning different groups of people to do certain tasks,” Williams said.

Williams also said the office will be releasing a new way to submit forms to Financial Aid on Jan. 30.

“We are going live on the imaging system at the end of this month, said Williams. “We hope it will increase our processing systems as well.”

Students around campus are speaking highly of the Financial aid office this semester compared to previous semesters.

Anthony Swan, a fourth-year political science student, said he noticed a change for the better during his visit to the department.

“I’m glad they are becoming more proactive and knowledgeable of where they fall short,” Swan said.

Lauren Soles, a third-professional year Doctorate of Pharmacy candidate, said she is happy to have received her net-check this early.

“I feel they’ve done very well with customer service this semester,” Soles said.

Williams told students to stay abreast of all financial aid deadlines for more efficient service.

“March 1st is the deadline for FAFSA,” said Williams. “We hope students will also come to the workshops that we offer each semester.”

For more information, please contact the financial aid department in the Foote-Hilyer builiding.