Another Scheduled Maintenance for iRattler


This will be the first of many rants for the opinions section.

So lets begin.

For the three-day weekend and most of Tuesday, iRattler was down. What was supposed to be a “scheduled maintenance” according to the numerous emails that were sent to us in our school email turned into a nightmare for those of us needing to use iRattler.

And as of last night it was under scheduled maintenance again from 7p.m. to 10p.m.


I’m sure the maintenance of the iRattler system is pertinent. But how are people who use iRattler everyday for their specific jobs, or students who need iRattler for information, supposed to get anything done if it’s always down or “needs maintenance?”

Obviously the maintenance isn’t doing much if it needs checking about every week or so. Or it’s down every other day.

I’m sure iRattler was introduced to make students and faculty’s lives easier. And in some ways, yes, it does. But, as of recently, it isn’t. We can’t find our classes or even enroll in classes if it is not working. I’m not pointing the finger. I’m not saying it doesn’t help to have iRattler. But what I am saying is maybe; just maybe iRattler needs to be revamped completely so that way in the future, these issues don’t arise.

It’s technology. Issues will always happen. That much is true. But I think in today’s technological strides, there has to be something that can elevate some of the stress and issues caused by iRattler as of now.

We have students on this campus who probably have a million ideas as to how to make iRattler more efficient – less bugs or quirks in the system and more working smoothly.  But I guess some people have the mindset that as long as it works for now, we can deal with the bugs and problems later. You know, when they come about and crash the iRattler system.