Come One, Come All

The Famuan is the student voice of Florida A&M and I want to reach out to the student body to challenge and invite everyone to come write for us.

It doesn’t matter what school or college you are in, The Famuan is a place to have your voice heard. If you read a story and have a valid argument you wish to present, feel free to contact Opinions Editor Angie Meus or me.

Don’t want to write an opinions article? That’s fine. There are always stories, both on and off campus, that editors need people to write. You can write for News, Lifestyles, or Sports. All of our section editors have posted office hours and are guaranteed to be in the office during that time.

Last semester, we were constantly accused of not being a proper student voice. Problem was no one besides staff members were willing to voice their opinions and cover the hard-hitting, controversial stories.

I am calling on all the students who ran to Twitter to voice their opinion on how evil The Famuan is to come to the office, Room 3081, to write a story or to voice their opinion on a controversial story.

We are here to help inform the student body and we cannot do this job without proper input from the student body. We are a safe place for students to voice opinions as well as pitch story ideas.

As the student newspaper, we also want to portray student life. We are always receptive to story ideas, if they are relevant.

If you know of events, meetings, or activities on campus, each section editor has their email listed on page 5, the Opinions page.

We are trying to make it as easy as possible for students to become involved with The Famuan. We want to show and represent the student body.

Be on the look out for a reporter at each “Set Friday” looking for student reactions for the new Student Voice section.

I want to make it clear that all students are welcome to write for The Famuan.

We welcome new ideas and new people from all walks of life. As long as you have a valid point on a pertinent subject, we are the outlet students can utilize to be heard.

Keep in mind, this is a newspaper and all stories are subject to editing. All stories will be edited to be in AP Style, the standard writing style for journalism.