Tebow proves critics wrong with a strong season

Tim Tebow epitomizes rising above criticism. 

So-called “experts” and fans of the game have subjected this man to pervasive criticism ever since 2010, when he was drafted 25th overall into the National Football League by the Denver Broncos. Whether it is because of his quirky quarterback mechanics or his outspoken Christian beliefs, Tebow has become one of the most scrutinized athletes of this era.

Yet, despite it all, the natural-born leader continues to inspire confidence in his teammates and others because of his almost unwavering reliance on himself.

And he continues to win; that right there says it all.

Now, by no means am I saying he is the perfect quarterback. His elongated throwing motion and sub-par accuracy disproves that theory. But numbers do not lie.

The Broncos were off to a 1-4 start to begin the season prior to Tebow becoming their starting QB on Oct. 23. Since then, Tebow energized the team all the way to a 7-1 record, as of Dec. 18. That feat invalidated statements made by many critics.

NFL analyst Merril Hoge once said, “It’s embarrassing to think the Broncos could win with Tebow.”

Do you think Hoge still stands by that statement? I highly doubt it.

Granted, the Tebow-led Broncos would soon enter a three-game losing streak to conclude the regular season, which was spawned by abysmal performances of all players. The previously silenced “experts” and fans had a field day with that one, reverting to their critical ways.

That never rattled the ever-so-confident Tebow at all, as he would muzzle those same critics once more with an improbable playoff victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday. He blazed the No.1 passing defense in the league, throwing for a career-high 316 yards and two touchdowns. 

The Broncos now set their sights on the New England Patriots in a divisional playoff matchup Saturday, again much to the dismay of critics.

I am not Ms. Cleo; so I will not pretend to know exactly how this game will conclude. But I will say that regardless of who comes out on top, Tebow has had one heck of a season, despite what critics said about him.