Ladies, be respectable and not despicable

The way women have presented themselves in public has been frowned upon by many in today’s society.

The reason for this “trend” if you will is due to some women having no regard for how they carry themselves.

I hate that women are being generalized under a category because of their actions by coming off as having a lack of maturity and integrity.

For instance, there may come a time when I’m in public and I will come across young women “mean mugging” people on one side of me and have women screaming about, in my opinion, nonsense on the other. Smile a little. Or leave some of your drama and other issues at home. Don’t bring it out in public for everyone to be in your business. We probably do not care.

I have never seen or been around so many confrontational women in my life. Young women today start too many altercations between both sexes over petty circumstances that could be solved with proper handling. Communication is key. Not yelling.

A man doesn’t want a woman that’s constantly arguing and fighting, especially in public. There may come a time when you really need to get involved in an altercation. But at least the disagreement should be something of a pertinent issue. And not something that can be handled in a more mature and adult manner. In most cases, some of these disagreements probably won’t matter in 20 minutes anyway.

The way women have been dressing has been a little reckless as well. There is a difference between being sexy and just out right exposing yourself. If you can’t be sexy with class then you probably should reevaluate yourself, because you won’t attract the right type of attention.

People, especially men, treat you based on how you look.

If I meet a young lady that carried herself in a respectable manner, I would treat her as such – nice young woman with a head on her shoulders.

On the other hand if I met a girl at an event, say at club 20/20, and she was loud, confrontational, and/or exposing her secrets, odds are I wouldn’t give her more than a few moments of my time that wouldn’t last past sunrise. That may seem a little harsh but it’s the truth.

Overall I have high hopes for young women in my generation.

I just feel they may be a little misguided on what is appropriate and socially acceptable.

I hate hearing older generations speak negatively of women in my age group because those young women are the future mothers and wives that will lead the next generation of women. The sad fact is most do not act like it. Yes, we are young and we are living our “wild” years. But we still have to leave lasting impressions.

A man wants a woman that he can bring home to his mother. We need more class acts in our society and less loud outlandish miscues.