Informant’s Parents, City Settle in Civil Suit over Daughter’s Death

Friday night, a settlement of $2.6 million was reached between Irv Hoffman and Margie Weiss and the City of Tallahassee. In the agreement, Hoffman and Weiss, parents of deceased Tallahassee informant Rachel Hoffman, will receive assistance from the city in the legislative approval of a claims bill and an immediate payment of $200,000.

In a City of Tallahassee news release, City Attorney Jim English stated he acknowledged the mistakes in the case and agrees the city must always be accountable for their conduct.

"In reaching this settlement, the City wishes to express our deepest sorrow for the loss of Rachel Hoffman," English said. "We once again want to offer our most sincere condolences to her parents, Margie Weiss and Irv Hoffman. Each of us knows that no amount of money can soften the grief and pain that comes from losing a child and our sympathies will forever be with them."

In May 2008, Hoffman was murdered during an undercover drug bust.

"We stand by and have the highest regard for the men and women of the Tallahassee Police Department who put their lives on the line for us every day," said City Manager Anita Favors in a press release.

"Within TPD, procedural changes have been implemented to help ensure something like this never happens again," Favors said. "We have steadfastly vowed to live up to our obligations both to Rachel's family as well as the taxpayers of this community. Today's settlement marks an equitable agreement by all parties in this matter with an eye towards moving forward."

Weiss said she will remember her daughter's spirit through the blossom of purple orchards and sight of colorful butterflies.

"I love my daughter so much," Weiss said. "I believe she died so her spirit can touch other lives and help with the creation of social reform to prevent this from happening. She is my sacrificial lamb that will shine light on a new light."

After Rachel's funeral, a double rainbow appeared in the sky for about an hour. Weiss said this was one of the highlights of the burial.