Taking a Chance with Tarot: Student Tries out Fortune-telling Card Game

Do you have a friend that tries anything? Things that make you question your friendship with them? Well, my friend has experienced tarot card reading, and this past First Friday, I paid $10 to do the same.

I admit waiting for my turn I felt skeptical and excited, but who wouldn’t? Tarot readings scare people, and discourage them from participating. In fact, my friends kept advising me against this “supposed voodoo spiritual practice,” but as you can see, I don’t back down easily.

As I sat down to participate in this late 14th Century practice, I kept thinking about an old witch lady with a crystal ball and curtains hanging all over the room. What I got was a man in a turtleneck with a deck of cards and a purple gem. Go figure.

He told me to shuffle the deck of cards and think about one thing. I thought about my life. He took the deck back and placed the first five cards on the table face down. One by one, he flipped over each card and told me what the card meant, not anything specific about my life.

For instance, one card he flipped over featured a lady leaning against a tree, meaning that she’s tired. She’s tired of things not happening as fast as she wants them to happen: so she needs to practice patience. The purpose of these cards is to make you think. Each card’s meaning is supposed to make you think about your own life and experiences you’ve had.

When the reading was over, my thoughts on tarot changed. I am no longer afraid of tarot cards, but it may be a while until I participate again.