Time’s Up, Sen. McCain

It took me a while to figure out what my first opinions piece of the year would be.

I finally decided to write on Sen. John McCain’s mistake while on the campaign trail for Mitt Romney. Yes, the one where McCain encouraged voters to re-elect the president.

A couple weeks ago, McCain was with Romney in South Carolina,”rallying up the troops” if you will, and endorsing him for president.

However, instead of endorsing Romney, he actually endorsed President Barack Obama. 

“I am confident that with the leadership and the backing of the American people, President Obama will turn this country around,” McCain said.

Music stops.

Crickets chirp.

He said what? Cue hysterically laughter right about…here.

Needless to say, this was a questionable-yet-funny mistake.

I watched the YouTube video because I honestly couldn’t believe that this actually happened when I read about it online. I thought, “This has to be some kind of joke.” 

Even my mom didn’t believe it was real. She actually thought someone edited the video on YouTube to make it sound like McCain said it. But in fact, he really did endorse Obama. Of course, Romney and South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley corrected McCain after his mistake. As you can imagine, he was beyond embarrassed and chuckled as he corrected himself.

I think it was his subconscious telling him the truth. His inner Democrat might be resurfacing. (For those who don’t remember, McCain used to be a Democrat. Don’t worry I’ll wait while you finish laughing.)

In all honesty, yes, McCain making this blunder is beyond hilarious, considering that Obama bested him for the presidency nearly four years ago. 

But could you imagine if America did vote for him for president? 

He probably would have confused China’s leader with Korea’s. Senate members would be confused with House members. Florida would be confused with Georgia. The list would go on.

I could sit here and write a million jokes about McCain and his senior moment. But I’m sure you are already doing that in your head. Please, don’t hesitate to share, I would like to join in and laugh with you.