Dear Pedestrians, For Your Safety and Mine, Look Both Ways

Pedestrians need a reality check. Just because there is a cross-walk, does not warrant a free pass to carelessly proceed into or hold traffic to a stop for blocks.

Everyone has seen it and at times everyone has done it. With a car coming down Wahnish Way, and with not nearly enough time to make it across the street, you step out into the street without even batting an eye or often a look.

It’s troubling to see people at an institution of higher learning that have such a disregard for their own safety to the point of willingly stepping out into moving traffic. Who can remember being taught to “look both ways” before crossing the street? It is even more disheartening when someone is injured.

I can’t tell you how nervous it makes me to see people more attuned to their cell phones while walking around campus. But more importantly, while crossing the street. I have honked at a few; you may have heard me. With the number of traffic incidents involving pedestrians that occurred on campus in the fall semester, you would think more caution would be taken.

The solitary pedestrian, may cause a momentary hold up and put themselves and the driver of a vehicle in danger, but the group of pedestrians in a constant stream pose another risk: Traffic coming to a halt.

I commute to FAMU and anyone else who does and has passed through the intersection of Wahnish Way and Gamble St. knows exactly what I’m talking about. It makes me lose my sanity for a brief moment.

When the traffic is backed up to the FAMU Child Care Center, you’re already 10 minutes late for class and you finally make it to the light after sitting through three cycles, it’s frustrating to see people who don’t return the respect that drivers offer them by stopping to allow them cross, and give the lane that has the green light the right-of-way. Everybody has somewhere to go. Waiting for a minute to let a few cars pass will not be the end of the world.

I think cross-walks across campus could all use “Don’t Walk” signs that are in sync with the traffic signals that would provide more safety for pedestrians and allow for a more fluid movement of traffic. Then maybe we could all gain a little sanity back.