Robert Champion’s Full Autopsy Report Released

An Orange County Medical Examiner’s facility has conformed Robert Champion’s death was the result of

a hazing incident and has been ruled a homicide.

The agency released a preliminary statement last week, but an official autopsy report was released

today outlining the events of the incident that occurred Nov. 19 following the Florida Classic football

game in Orlando.

A call was placed to emergency dispatchers by other band members after Champion was unresponsive

on a Florida A&M band bus after the game.

His death, according to the autopsy report, was due to soft tissue hemorrhage and shock following

blunt force trauma sustained during a hazing incident.

Champion experienced direct, repeated blows to his body, and suffered loss of vision and fatigue prior

to collapsing, according to the report. There were no injuries to his internal organs.

Champion’s body was later identified by band director, Julian White, following the incident.

He was previously healthy, but when his body arrived at the medical examiner’s office, bruising was

visible on his abdomen, chest, upper back and mid chest and included marks from a defibrillator that

was used to try and resuscitate him.

He experienced a rapid drop in his hemoglobin, which caused his oxygen levels to decreases.

Champion’s gastric contents were found in his lungs.

There was no evidence of natural disease according to the reports.

Many students are mourning the death of Champion and want to help in preventing hazing on FAMU’s

campus in the future.

Student Government President Breyon Love said, “Champion’s death is a tragedy to the FAMU

community and we are continuing to pray for the family.”

“The university is doing everything it can to bring justice for the family. It is up to us the students to

ensure this doesn’t happen again,” said Love.

Orange County Sheriff’s Office has stated there are no new updates regarding arrests. According to

OCSO all individuals present during the incident have been interviewed and no further information will

be shared until charges are announced.

OCSO states that they are following protocol for a homicide case.

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