Tallahassee Police Arrest Three Band Members on Hazing Charges

Three Florida A&M students were arrested Monday following an investigation by the Tallahassee Police Department of the potential hazing incident involving Bria Hunter that occurred last month.

Aaron Golson, 19, Sean Hobson, 22, and James Harris, 23, were each arrested on one count of hazing and one count of battery after warrants were issued by law enforcement.

 TPD responded to a reported battery Nov.8 involving Hunter and the three men. Hunter discovered she had been beaten to the point of fracturing her thigh bone, blood clots and damage to her knees after a medical examination.

The hazing occurred on Oct. 31 and Nov.1, according to Hunter’s testimony in the incident report, as she attempted to enter a group within the Marching “100” called the “Red Dawg Order” by allowing herself to be punched repeatedly on the thighs by Dobson and Golson.

Hunter was forced to attend the meeting at Harris’ house in Tallahassee. At a second meeting, she said was beaten again by Golson and Hobson, who struck her with a metal ruler. Hobson later sent a group text message Nov. 5 to individuals, including Hunter, that said, “I apologize for the hurt I put you through. I apologize for the mental and physical

strain you have endured…”

Hunter was a regular target for physical and mental punishment do to her being a prominent figure among her peers. Several witnesses, who were also the victims of hazing during the same incident, aided in the investigation and have confirmed the assault of Hunter was conducted by Hobson, Harris and Golson. Hobson and Harris have admitted to being members of the group, although they both deny accusations of hazing and battery.

The three men were part of a group suspended Nov.8 by band director Julian White, and were not allowed to perform during the Florida Classic Nov. 19.

The same night of the classic, drum major Robert Champion died in another suspected hazing case that is still under investigation by the Orange County Sheriff’s Department, the Florida Board of Governors and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

FAMU and TPD spokespeople were not available for comment at the time.