University Reverses White’s Dismissal, Student Suspension

After a recommendation from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE), Florida A&M has temporarily suspended all disciplinary actions taken against students and Julian White.

As of Dec. 6, Julian White, director of bands, was placed on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation. This means that the termination of White has been suspended and he is once again the director of bands.

“Consistent with the commitment of the FAMU Board of Trustees and President Ammons to be fully cooperative, we are awaiting the outcome of the investigation before any personnel or disciplinary actions are taken,” said FAMU Spokesperson Sharon P. Saunders. “We are honoring the recommendations of not only FDLE, but the Orange County Sheriff’s Office and the Board of Governors as we await the completion of their investigations.”

The four students who were suspended over their alleged involvement in the death of Robert Champion, have also been brought back to campus pending the investigation outcome.

On Nov. 23, President James H. Ammons sent White a letter informing him of his termination that would have been effective Dec. 22.

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