Board of Trustees Moves to Publicly Embarrass Ammons

During a Board of Trustees meeting in Orlando, the BOT said they wanted to place President James H. Ammons on administrative leave.

“If we can put Dr. Julian White on administrative leave pending the criminal investigation and the outcome, then we, as the board, can place James Ammons under administrative leave,” said Trustee Rufus Montgomery.

Yet, some members did not think it necessary to oust Ammons just yet.

“With respect to administrative leave, I would ask that we think about, why would you put somebody on administrative leave? What is the purpose? It is my understanding that the purpose to put someone on administrative leave is in circumstances of imminent threat to individuals, to the investigations or to the institutions,” said Trustee Belinda Shannon.

“So far, this board has not received any preliminary reports, information or otherwise to give me enough information to decide whether or not that exists.”


After some deliberation, the board decided that it was sufficient to pass a substitute resolution. Instead of the board placing Ammons on paid administrative leave, the board voted 8 to 4 to publicly reprimand the president.


“I recognize that both Dr. Ammons and Dr. White have First Amendment rights, but I would only ask, that during the course of this investigation, both of them would refrain from making comments to the media on matters pertaining to the death of Robert Champion,” said William Jennings.


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