We’re Doing This for You, FAMUans

Ask anyone in The Famuan: on layout nights, I’m usually the guy buzzing around the newsroom, looking over shoulders and pointing out grammar and technical things in others’ writing.

I love words.

They are, and always, have been my favorite part of journalism; photos are a close second.

But, in the two semesters I’ve been on this staff, I remember something else I really enjoy about a good newsroom: the people.

Just to be clear, I’ve worked on two professional news staffs in recent years – full-time, long hours, and all of that. Make no mistake: Journalism could be the hardest job in the world, depending on the people on your team.

That said, I must say that this semester’s staff has worked hard to make great issues hit the newsstands. And so it irritates me when I hear people defaming them.

My problem is when the staff that stays up until after midnight two nights a week – when most of them have demanding jobs, social lives and of course, classes – gets attacked. Yes, we made a mistake about President Ammons Monday. It happens. Let it go. We are sorry about it.

But you know what? Come into The FAMUAN office one day; third-floor J-School, and scan the walls. At a glance, I see more than two-dozen awards over the years… and I’m sure, more to come.

That’s recognition from the outside; observers who have seen our work and appreciate it. Why is it then that one of our senior administrators calls us trash? Why is it that many students feel the need to cheer when we are being attacked?

We’re working for you all, after all.

Each personality in this room contributes ideas and life experiences that make this newspaper richer. On every layout night, this staff gives up at least a day of their collective lives to make the paper happen. So, hey, I reserve the right to take offense to attacks on The Famuan, its staff or our collective journalistic integrity.

In a few weeks, I will have been on staff for exactly a year as multimedia/online editor. I was just a guy from an island that, I swear to you, is neither Jamaica nor part of the USVI, who walked in and was welcomed as a member of the staff.

No questions asked.

As the no-longer new guy, I say I’m proud of the staff, proud of the people who make this paper happen and proud to be part of the history. By the way, I’m Robin, and I serve at the pleasure of my EIC and for the student body of Florida A&M.