Too Much Education is Unnecessary

Ever consider that there may be a thing as too much education? I see people with multiple degrees, even doctorates, walking around in frustration as they go to interview after interview with a horrified look of disgust permanently stamped on his or her face.

The thing is, there are only so many jobs available right now and most of them do not require any education past a bachelor’s degree. These over-educated individuals keep searching for a job that is going to make them rich, when really they should just be looking for a job. They should have been looking for a job long ago, back when they received their first degree.

The only thing college graduates can or should be doing right now is avoiding debt and working hard to establish themselves in some career. Work to become a supervisor, then a manager, and keep building from there until you have some solid work experience to put on a resume.

This is the golden ticket to success, a solid reputation with experience and confidence, not a pretty plaque or a fancy paper with your name on it.

Sure, a higher education could get you a better job, but most employers would look at your past performance records in a more favorable light if you have ample work experience.